The principles of Sangam Investments posses more than 20 years of combined experience of helping clients achieve financial security.
Financial security is a common goal that most investors share. However, having the discipline and dedication to both quantify and execute the process needed to achieve financial security is anything but common. At Sangam, helping our clients clarify their own goals and then showing them how to get there is what we do every day.
Our process involves an interactive dialogue with each client, allowing our professionals to gather the information necessary to develop a customized and comprehensive financial plan specific to a client’s unique needs. Each plan incorporates:

  • Current and future budget analysis
  • Asset allocation and investment strategy
  • Tax strategy
  • Retirement and education planning
  • Estate Planning

Sangam then provides recommendations and a proposed implementation strategy. Once approved by the client, the financial plan is executed.


Sangam Investments is an AMFI-registered investment adviser and SEBI-registered sub-broker. We strive to manage assets in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
Sangam develops an investment strategy with an appropriate asset allocation based on the client’s financial plan. This strategy helps to meet the client’s short-term as well as long-term goals while taking into consideration their personal, social and ethical concerns.
We execute the client’s unique investment strategy utilizing a variety of investment vehicles which include the following: cash and equivalents, fixed income, equities, foreign investments, real estate and other alternative investments.
Through extensive communication with each client, Sangam coordinates the investment strategy with their overall financial plan to minimize tax liability, risk and investment costs while focusing on obtaining each client’s goals.


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