About Us

Sangam Investment is an Investment Distribution Firm with a reputation built on its tremendous performance as well as client-customer relation. We follow a philosophy where we systematically work and provide best possible investment solutions to our esteemed patrons. We focus on ethical approach towards work and are capable to provide systematic financial solutions in comprehensive ways.
Way back in 90s, Sangam Investments started its Investment Distribution firm having lofty aims to provide better wealth management solutions to their potential clients. We believe in change and are completely adept in adopting new ideas as well as concepts to provide near to perfection financial solutions to our esteemed patrons.
We have a highly proficient team of employees who are known for their honesty, integrity, excellent skills, as well as understanding of client’s requirements. The entire team is appreciated amongst our wide clientele base for their persistent guidance and execution of client-satisfactory financial solutions.


We believe in full asset class diversification and plan all phases of your financial life with due deliberation. A true diversified portfolio includes a balance of asset classes. Our firm offers a variety of investment related products that assist to create a well-balanced portfolio.
At Sangam Investments, We offer a customized financial planning solution to the clients after gathering proper information.
We can provide a plan model to guide exactly how much a person should save for investment while working as well as for their retirement or post-retirement time period. Our guidance for investment plans depends upon- years of working, life expectancy, investment return, inflation rate, taxes, social security benefits, health care costs and long-term care costs.
Unlike other Investment distributionfirms that offer selected options of a total wealth management solution, we at Sangam Investments having seasoned professionals deliver a comprehensive suite of financial services to our valuable patrons. Having several years of varied expertise in the domain, we have a thorough knowledge of the financial market. Our proficiency in risk management is innovative and is highly focused upon research. We offer financial solutions for investment in:

  • The equity and fixed income markets,
  • Tax Planning and preparation,
  • Financial and retirement planning,
  • Asset Management,
  • Investment Strategy,
  • Estate Planning, and
  • Insurance Analysis.


Our philosophy is based on simple ethics. We firstly need to know you in order to make the best decisions and financial solution for your benefit.
As a responsible firm, our focus is to understand your goals and develop a plan to accomplish them. We meet you to present an analysis and discuss your recommendations in financial planning. Together, we implement the recommendations and monitor the progress. We are available for regular meetings with our clients to assess the progress towards your goal and when it is required, we will make adjustments to your investment plan.
Because there are many factors that may change your situation, so it is of utmost importance to be a proactive and knowledgeable in the financial industry. We are committed to stay up-to-date on relevant tax, estate and social security laws in order to provide with the best financial advice for your particular situation.


We are available for comprehensive Financial Planning Session. Please contact us at lalit_kumaar@yahoo.com